Islamic Republic of Iran

Leader's Intelligence Organization

Date: 24 Ordibehesht 1380

(14 may 2001)


From: Director, Leader's Intelligence organization[Hojjat-ol eslam Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri]

To: Director, MOIS - Section 43 ([Hojjat-ol eslamPourganad]


Subject: Tasking memo


We are very happy at the Rahbar's office with all you haveundertaken...

The Supreme Leader [Rahbar - Ayatollah Ali Khamene'I] hasseen your latest report regarding support and help for the futureplan of al Qaeda. Of course we are looking at different proposals forproviding support, but all in all, after reviewing them, the Leaderasked me to convene to you the following:

"Our emphasis should be the struggle with the Great Satan andIsrael. This is our main agenda. It is not only important to us fortactical reasons, but for the greatness of Islam. Our main goal shallbe to damage their economic structures and to damage their reputationand credibility. We shall concentrate on these two archenemies of theIslamic faith [the U.S. and Israel]. We must also strike attheir internal peace and security. This is imperative. In this path,we should be very careful, and very clever, in order not to leave anyevidence behind that can impact negatively on us in the future. AgainI emphasize, we shall use our intelligence and internal securityapparatus for this struggle and will coordinate with those foreignsources who share the same belief with us. These efforts should becentralized under the close supervision of our intelligence andsecurity apparatus in order to be effective."

The Leader mentioned that at our next meeting we should analyzethe ideological and logistical problems in reaching our goals and ofimproving our plans, especially in coordination with fighters of alQaeda and Hezbollah, to find one target [haddaf] that isbeneficial to both sides. We need to set aside our ideologicaldifferences and analyze the problems that would hamper us fromreaching our goal. In particular, we should examine the expansion andcoordination with al Qaeda (Shabbakeh) group and Hezbollah to reachour common objective.

The Leader has expressed his full support for the implementationof the future plans of your department [Section 43] and againemphasized that we should not leave any evidence of our support foral Qaeda that could give us problems or prejudice our standing.

The Leader suggested that we limit our relations with al Qaeda toonly two people, as before (Imad Mugniyeh and Ayman Zawahri) and notgo beyond them and deal only with them.


Signature seal in green wax

Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri

Director, Leader's Intelligence Organization



Rectangular stamp: Section 43 - MOIS

Received by Mohebi

24 Ordibehesht 1380

Read: filed.

English translation: Courtesy of theFoundation for Democracy in Iran