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"I have followed for some time your excellent reporting on the Mid-East, especially Iran. You consistently provide insights and facts nowhere else available to the public. Your professionalism and persistence make a great contribution to our understanding, to the public debate, andultimately to our national security."

 – R. James Woolsey, former director, Central Intelligence Agency


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“This novel sheds light on one of the most overlooked foreign policy catastrophes of our times --  the flight of Iraq’s ancient Christian community under siege from al Qaeda and other extremists. Despite a massive US presence in Iraq,  America’s leaders have proposed no specific policies to help these defenseless minorities. The forcible de-Christianization of this pivotal country affects us all.  Without the experience of living alongside Christians and other non-Muslims at home, what would prepare Iraqis to peacefully coexist with the West? Ken Timmerman’s riveting tale is a story in urgent need of telling.”
-- Nina Shea

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Oct. 19, 2011: Iranian regime plays chess, we play checkers. The latest regime ploy is a pitiful attempt to pin the Washington terror plot on the MEK... At the Daily Caller.

Oct. 13, 2011: Iran's Terror Plot: If Only They Had Picked the Right Mexican...
I was skeptical at first, especially when Eric Holder fronted for the USG investigation into the Iranian terror plot and cut off questions from reporters as soon as he was asked about Fast and Furious. But read the four reasons why the evidence convinced me it was real.This is my debut article at Tucker Carlson's news conservative website, Daily Caller,

Oct. 12, 2011: Woefully Unprepared for an EMP attack.
I report this week on a series of table-top exercises to simulate a major geomagnetic solar event or nuclear EMP attack and our ability to respond to the ensuing shut down of the national power grid.... The answers are in: “Keep some money in the sock draw,” said the head of Maryland’s Emergency Management Agency...

Here is the real tragedy: the answers to our vulnerability to EMP are cheap, easy, and quick to implement – but folks like NDU's  Dr. Alenka Brown and some in the power industry don’t want Congress to act.

You don’t hear me often talking about specific legislation, but here is an exception: Please call your members of Congress to get them behind H.R. 668, the SHIELD Act.

Oct. 5, 2011: Join me at the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation
annual meeting, where I will be discussing U.S. policy toward Iran with Amb. Bruce Laingen.

Oct. 4, 2011:An EMP Attack on America?
The threat of an EMP attack on America – or a major geomagnetic event such as a solar flare – would have a devastating impact on our country. Some analysts have invented a new acronym to describe it: TEOTWAWKI – The End of the World As We Know It.  In today’s Frontpage magazine, I describe Iran’s work to develop an EMP weapon, and a series of table-top wargaming exercises being held this week in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Florida.e

Sept. 30, 2011: Join me this evening  in Buffalo, New York, where the Hope for Tomorrow Foundation is awarding me their International Community Service Award for helping families of 9/11 victims discover the truth about the role of the Iranian regime in the al Qaeda plot.

Sept. 27, 2011: Grover Norquist's New Muslim Protegé.
What’s wrong with Muslims running for public office or assuming prominent positions in the conservative movement? Nothing at all – as long as they are clear about the primacy of the U.S. Constitution over Koranic (or Sharia) law. Where does Imad Afif “David” Ramadan stand on this crucial question? The answer is – well, unclear.

Sept. 23, 2011:
Join me at the Harvard Club in New York City along with Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, BG Ken Chrosniak, Lt.Col. Tony Shafer, Dr. Peter Pry, Clare Lopez, Reza Kahlili and others, to talk about the threat from an Iranian EMP attack. This amazing event is being sponsored by EMPact America, which is posting video here.The American Thinker ran an excellent summary of the conferenc.

Sept 16, 2011: The Turkey-Iran Pact.
Not only are these two regimes united in attacking their own Kurds and destabilizing Iraq, but they work together against Israel. This is a story that has received virtually no attention in our national media. Please take a few minutes to read it.

Sept. 11, 2011:
Join me along with Ambassador John Bolton, terrorism expert Steve Emerson, and Cyrus and Betsy Nowrashteh in Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011. I will be presenting new information on Iran's involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

Sept. 9, 2011: Iran's Dirty 9/11 Secrets.
I return to FrontPage magazine with this first column devoted to Iran's involvement in the 9/11 plot and what we need to do about it. I also reveal CIA efforts to block the investigation by attorneys representing 9/11 plaintiffs....

Aug. 4, 2011: Iranian Dissident Leader Claims Victory, Warns US. After a battle raging nearly two weeks in the high mountains along the border between Iran and Iraq, I meet PJAK secretary general Rahman Haj Ahmadi in Stockholm, where he declares victory.

July 28, 2011: Iran, Turkey Escalate Battle Against Iranian Kurds.
Iran called on NATO member Turkey on Tuesday to help battle dissident Kurds in the rugged mountains along the northern border between Iran and Iraq. You would think this would upset Turkey's NATO allies - but you'd be wrong.

July 19, 2011: Iran Attacks Kurdish Bases in Iraq.
Iran’s invasion of Iraq over the weekend has gotten very little media coverage, but it is important – and curious. Curious because the US, Iraq, and the KRG have remained almost silent. Does that mean they are complicit? Or just impotent? As my story reports, Iran has been putting intense pressure on the KRG to crack down on the PJAK camps  along the border for some time. Both the KRG and the Iraqi Prime Minister left Iraq just hours before the invasion began.... (PDF)
July 18, 2011: US Promotes Nuclear Waste Dump in Mongolia. The Obama administration is seeking to help Mongolia become a vast nuclear waste dump for commercial reactors in Japan, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates, according to a draft nuclear cooperation agreement. (PDF)
June 27, 2011: Iran Makes Giant Strides in Missile Programs. Israeli missile expert Uzi Rubin reveals Iran's dramatic progress in building long-range liquid and solid fuel missiles. (PDF)
June 22, 2011: Iran Continues to Defy UN Sanctions. Iran continues to procure large quantities of sophisticated materials for its nuclear and missile programs from China, despite U.N. sanctions. A new report on sanctions violations by a U.N. panel provides startling new details of Iranian procurement efforts. (PDF)
June 13, 2011: Iranian  Spy Claims DC connection. Learn the extraordinary story of Madhi-Takezand, the Iranian "spy" cum diamond smuggler come in from the cold who claims to have snookered the opposition in exile.
June 2, 2011: Iran Tests Nuclear Warhead Design. In its latest report, the IAEA reveals that Iran has tested all the non-nuclear components of a proven nuclear weapon design, and are actively working to mate it to a missile.
May 19, 2011: Lawsuit: Iran Knew About 9/11 Attack. Detailed information about Iran's material involvement in the planning and execuction of the 9/11 attacks finally surfaces in a U.S. courtroom. This is more than just a news article: I was also the lead investigator in this case. You can read some of my detailed expert testimony here (Exhibit 2). More general information is here

May 9, 2011: Free the Iranian Hostages.
Why did the Obama administration place PJAK, one of the most effective iranian opposition groups, on the Treasury Department's list of international terrorist groups? Read the story at the Washington Times.

May 3, 2011: Bin Laden Corpse Photo?

I've received this photo from two separate sources close to SpecOps community. No official confirmation.... Here is a discussion

May 2, 2011: SEALs Sent to Kill bin Laden. Details on the preparations made by Seal Team Six...

April 27, 2011: Computer worm Wreaking Havoc on Iran's Nuclear Capabilities.
That pesky "Stuxnet" worm has spooked Iran to the extent they are now contemplating shutting the Bushehr nuclear reactor (even though it was never a target of the Stuxnet digital warhead).

March 28, 2011: Iran's leaders believe the 12th Imam (the "Imam Mahdi") is about to return a
nd that Ahmadinejad will lead Muslim armies against Jerusalem. Read about it in
's article today at Newsmax.com. Watch the movie here.

March 25, 2011: Iran eyeing power grab in Iraq.
In case anyone still has any illusions about the Iraqi government of Nouri al-Malaki, or about Iran’s intentions in Iraq, please read this article at Newsmax.com, which is based on a detailed briefing by a top advisor to Iraqi president Jalal Talabani.

March 22, 2011: Wells Fargo Jet Makes Mystery Flight Into Libya. Possible ties to release of captured NY Times reporters

March 21, 2011: More questions than answers from Israel's latest seizure of an Iran weapons ship bound for Gaza. Why is a British company supplying radar systems to China and Iran that are being used for their anti-shipping missiles?  Why is the largest shipping company in France, CMA-CGM, allowing ships it operates to be used for weapons smuggling?

March 17, 2011: Gadhafi Eyes Oil as Loyalists Rout Rebels

March 16, 2011: Herman Cain: Japanese Disaster worst since WWII. Hear what this black conservative candidate for the GOP presidential nomination has to say on issues of concern to every American.

March 13, 2011: Japanese Reaction to Catastrophe Worries White House

March 7, 2011: White House Clueless on Libyan rebels, Perle says


March 2, 2011: Iraqi Christians to Congress: Please Help!
The near extermination of Iraqi Christians has been an unintended consequence of the U.S.-led liberation of Iraq in 2003. There is still time - but not much - to make it right. The creation of an autonomous province in the Nineveh Plain, free of Kurdish domination, is the last best hope for preventing the mass exodus of the remaining Christians from Iraq, Ken argues in today's Washington Times.

March 1, 2011: Were Iraqi Security Forces Involved in Baghdad Church Massacre?
My investigation in northern Iraq has discovered troubling new information suggesting dangerous liaisons between al-Malaki's Interior ministry and the terrorists who murdered 58 worshippers at Our Lady of Salvation Syrian Catholic Church in Baghdad on Oct. 31.Please forward this story to your member of Congress!

Feb. 21, 2011: Christian Leaders Unhappy with Lack of Action on Nineveh Plain.
This story gives an overview of the current situation in northern Iraq, and the exactions of the Kurdish Democratic Party's security service, As-Sayeesh.

Feb. 18, 2011: Protests in Iraq Turn Violent.
I was sitting with Prime Minister Barham Salih of the KRG when word of violent demonstrations in Sulimaniyeh first reached him. The government has set up an inquest to discover who started the shooting - KDP security, or agents provacateurs disseminated amonst the protesters.

Feb. 17, 2011: Archbishop of Mosul: Christians Living in Fear.
I was attending the final day of the 3-day Rogation of the Ninevites ceremony in Mosul and had an opportunity to sit down with the Archbishop. Also, read this brilliant analysis by conservative blogger Richard Falknor, which links the persecution of Christians in Iraq to apostasy proceedings in Afghanistan and the rape of Lara Logan in Egypt.

Feb. 15, 2011: High-Tech links Christians in Iraq and the U.S.
On the first day of the Rogation of the Ninevitesl, Father Rayan Atto at Mar Qardakh church in Erbil reaches out through Cyberspace to Christians in front of the White House.

Feb. 12, 2011:
Watch Ken's interview with Donald Rumsfeld on Newsmax TV. 

Feb. 10, 2011:
Accuracy in Media gives Ken the 2011 Reed Irving Award for Investigative Journalism at CPAC (click here for details).

Feb. 9, 2011: Watch Ken on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson.

- Read
Iranium Documentary Exposes Iran's True Intentions at Newsmax.com

Feb. 8, 2011: An Open Letter to Ken Timmerman on the Launch of Iranium, by Jerry Gordon,
senior editor at the New English Review. "You personally have felt the brunt of Islamic terrorism while a journalist held hostage in Beirut  that transformed you into a committed opponent of Jihadist Islam.
 I watched Iranium and can commend to everyone in America  to view it for free on-line, whether they are  Members of Congress, pundits, media personalities and,most especially,  average citizens..." Read the complete letter here and here

Feb. 4, 2011: Israel Braces for Islamic Terror State Rising From Egypt's Ashes.
With the White House now giving full-throated support to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman scheduled to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Cairo, Israel is preparing for the worst, Ken writes at Newsmax. Listen to Ken's report during the 3rd hour of the Michael Savage tonight.

Feb. 3, 2011: ElBaradei is Muslim Brotherhood Front-man.
The fall of Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak, will be “a profound game-changer” for the United States, Ken writes in Newsmax. Christians in Egypt will be the first targets of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover....

Jan. 31, 2011: Obama Egypt Strategy Could Place U.S. at Risk.
A takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood "may be Obama's intention," Ken writes, "just as his intention during the post-election protests in Iran was to support the regime in place because he saw it as a potential partner in resolving the Iranian nuclear crisis."

Jan. 24, 2011: Expert: Iran could follow Tunisia's fall.
An author and terrorism expert says the sudden overthrow of the Tunisian government has not gone unnoticed in Tehran, where the brutal Islamic regime remains unpopular with the Iranian people.... According to Ken Timmerman, bestselling author and a leading expert on the Middle East, the overthrow happened quickly. (Read more from American Family Radio host Chad Groening).
Jan. 22, 2011: Rep. Frank Wolf chaired an important hearing this week devoted to the persecution of Christians in Iraq and Egypt, and called on the Obama administration to take a number of steps to intervene with the governments of both countries. Read my story at Newsmax.com

Jan. 21, 2011:
Still no response from the White House to the Congressional Prayer caucus, calling him to task for misrepresenting the national motto ("In God We Trust") and the Declaration of Independence in recent speeches. Read the letter.

Jan. 18, 2011: Andrew Breitbart's BIG PEACE calls St. Peter's Bones a "must-read thriller."

Jan. 17, 2011: St. Peter's Bones launches today with Ken's appearances on Fox & Friends. Click to watch

Jan. 15, 2011: Ken gives a preview of St. Peter's Bones on Prophecy Today with Jimmy DeYoung. Listen live.

Jan. 14, 2011: Nina Shea on Fox & Friends
says the U.S. must share intelligence on threats to Christians with governments in the Middle East. Nina is a commissioner on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, and called St. Peter's Bones "a riveting tale... in urgent need of telling."

Jan. 11, 2011: Biden Faces Challenge in Pakistan (Ken Timmerman, Newsmax.com):

....The radicalization of Pakistan became clear on Jan. 4, when a bodyguard protecting Punjab state Gov. Salman Taseer opened fire on his boss, shooting him 20 times in the back as other members of the security detail looked on.

Since the murder, the bodyguard has become something of a national hero, telling the press that he assassinated Taseer because he had campaigned against Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy law, which condemns to death anyone who leaves Islam to adopt another religion.

“The anti-blasphemy law is the main cause of violence against Christians,” says Dr. Nazir Bhatti, a Pakistani Christian activist in the United States.

Read more

Jan. 8, 2011: Islamabad (AsiaNews) –
Pakistani intelligence says an extremist Islamist group has called on followers to murder Christian convert Asia Bibi in Sheikhupura Prison, where she is awaiting execution under  Pakistan's blasphemy laws. Read more....

In a tragic irony, Punjab's Christian population, which today labors under daily persecution, helped sway the predominantly Sikh state to join Pakistan when British India declared independence, thinking they would enjoy greater freedom under Muslim rule, says Pakistani activist Nazir Bhatti. Mr. Bhatti appeared with Ken at a Dec. 16, 2010 conference on Capitol Hill to commemorate international human rights day. For video from the conference, go here.

Jan. 7, 2011:
Another day of fear and persecution - Christmas Day is not celebrated until Jan. 7 in Egypt by Coptic and other Christian denominations. About 130 Christians, including children, will probably remain imprisoned Jan. 7, nearly two months after they were arrested when 2,000 members of the state security forces attacked their church building. Several people were killed during that attack in which police chanted Islamic war cries and tried to tear down the three-story building that was under reconstruction. The object of the attack was to prevent the building from being used for Christmas services. Read more....

Jan. 3, 2011 -- On Monday, several armed men broke into a woman's home in Baghdad, opening fire and killing her on the spot and then vanishing with her belongings. The news was reported by an official of the Ministry of the Interior. The woman, whose name was Rafah Toma and lived alone in the Al-Wahda suburb, is the latest victim of a wave of attacks against Christians in Iraq.

On Oct. 31, 2010 in an event similar to several related in St. Peter's Bones, armed jihadis stormed Our Lady of Salvation Catholic Church in Baghdad during Sunday services, murdering 58 people and wounding 78 more. Read more....

"Kenneth Timmerman has wrought a wildly inventive and highly gripping thriller that encompasses the secret and long-hidden origins of Islam… That makes St. Peter's Bones more than just a great novel, although it is assuredly that as well: it is also an enlightening insight into today's increasingly conflict-ridden relationship between Islam and the Judeo-Christian/post-Christian West."
– Robert Spencer, editor of JihadWatch and author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad.
“Timmerman's  taboo-breaking thriller portrays authentically the politics and passions fueling the deadly persecution of Iraq's ancient Christian community: an unintended but ruinous by-product of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It's a powerful book America's political leadership on both the left and the right would prefer you not to read."
– Dr. John Eibner, CEO, Christian Solidarity International (CSI-USA)