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Deception: The Making of the
                                  YouTube Video Hillary & Obama
                                  Blamed for Benghazi

On board the USS
              Guadacanal off the coast of Beirut, 1983My first Middle East reporting trip took me to Beirut in July 1982, and I've been going back ever since. I've lived in Egypt and Lebanon, worked with freedom fighters in Iran and Iraq, and been held hostage by Muslim terrorists in a war zone. You can read an illustrated bio here or download a 1-page author's bio here.

My latest book, The Election Heist, exposes the Democrats' game plan to steal the 2020 election and reveals very real vulnerabilities in our election systems the media won't tell you about. It was published in August 2020...

In my day job, I help victims of terrorism fight the state-sponsors who murdered their loved ones.

While many of my conservative colleagues think I shouldn't mention this, I really was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize by the former deputy prime minister of Sweden, Per Ahlmark, for my work in exposing Iran's nuclear weapons program.

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A more detailed, illustrated bio is available here

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  "Ken Timmerman has given us a real gift with his reporting. This is the single best thing I've seen that brings together unclassified information that underscores what I've believed for the past decade, namely that the Iranians clearly are going nuclear."
 - Gen. Barry McCaffrey, June 3, 2011, on the Larry Kudlow Show, CNBC

"Benghazi will go down as the greatest government cover-up in history - bigger than the Pentagon Papers, Iran-Contra, and Watergate. Ken Timmerman's investigation exposes the dark underbelly of this scandal."
- Senator Jim Inhofe (R, OK)
"Ken Timmerman provides new intelligence on who was behind the attack on the Benghazi Special Mission Compound, as well as why the massive cover-up by the Obama administration
óJames A. Lyons, Jr., Admiral, USN (ret), President and CEO LION Associates, LLC, member of the Citizens Committee on Benghazi