Shadow Warriors: Traitors, Saboteurs, and the Party of Surrender

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“A must read… Fabulous...
Incredible because it’s scary

––our own institutions
undermining our own efforts against a genuine enemy… [Timmerman] names names… We’re going to have to get this book in the hands of a lot of people... It’s going to shock a lot of people.”
– Rush Limbaugh

“An alarming but necessary book that reads like a thriller….”
– Michael Medved

“…setting off shock waves inside the American intelligence community.”
– Human Events

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Inside the Secret War Against George W. Bush ... Waged From Within the U.S. Government

Now Available!: The Rush Limbaugh interview

Documents released during the Scooter Libby trial show beyond a doubt who sent Joe Wilson to Niger in 2002....

View the SECRET email from Valerie Plame Wilson to her bosses at CIA that she was hoping would remain classified.

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From the Prologue:

Some have called it the CIA’s greatest covert operation of all time.

It involved deep penetration of a hostile regime by planting a network of agents at key crossroads of power, where they could steal secrets and steer policy by planting disinformation, cooking intelligence, provocation, and outright lies.

It involved sophisticated political sabotage operations, aimed at making regime leaders doubt their own judgment and question the support of their subordinates.
It involved the financing, training, and equipping of effective opposition forces, who could challenge the regime openly and through covert operations.

The scope was breath-taking, say insiders who had personal knowledge of the CIA effort. All the skills learned by the U.S. intelligence community during fifty years of Cold War struggle with the Soviet Union were in play, from active measures aimed at planting disinformation through cut-outs and an eager media, to maskirovka – strategic deception.

It was war—but an intelligence war, played behind the scenes, aimed at confusing, misleading, and ultimately defeating the enemy. Its goal was nothing less than to topple the regime in power, by discrediting its rulers.

Many Americans believe this was the CIA’s goal during the 1990s, when the Agency had “boots on the ground” in northern Iraq, working with Iraqi opponents to Saddam Hussein. Most patriotic Americans probably hope that the CIA today has such an operation to overthrow the mullahs in Tehran, or North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.

But the target of this vast, sophisticated CIA operation was none of them.
It was America’s 43rd president, George W. Bush.

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 "My interview with this stellar investigative reporter and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize nominee (for his reporting on Iran's nuclear weapons program) was deeply disturbing and is guaranteed to make you angry... Your book is fabulous!"
Rush Limbaugh

"Shadow Warriors is undoubtedly setting off shock waves inside the American intelligence community, because it exposes the offensive conducted by hyper-partisan bureaucrats working inside our security agencies that routinely leak, distort or withhold information to gain political advantage by undermining the country’s war effort. It carefully documents the treachery committed against the United States by members of the American left who work inside the permanent government.
Larry Kelly, in Human Events

"Shadow Warriors is a devastating and systematic look at the permanent foreign policy bureaucracy in Washington and how it has become a government unto itself, independent of its elected leaders. Timmerman demonstrates how this attitude permeates nearly every level of the State Department, the intelligence services and even parts of the DoD.
David Forsmark, in Frontpage magazine - review spotlighted in the CIA's daily Media Highlights

"A fascinating book, and quite possibly the most controversial book we've ever dealt with on the Right Balance."
- Greg Allen, The Right Balance, Nov. 9, 2007
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