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New document 3/20/2016:
DIA tracks Quds Force involvement in Benghazi attacks


* The Shadowy Iranian Spy Chief Who Helped Plan Benghazi

* How the Taliban Got their hands on modern U.S. missiles

Watch Ken talk about the book at the Heritage Foundation (begins at 2:32)

Watch Ken's presentation at the Citizens' Commission on Benghazi

Watch Ken talk about the book at the David Horowitz Freedom Center (rebroadcasthere by C-SPAN)

Smoking Gun Email: Hillary gave stand-down order

Latest media on the book:

May 25, 2016: Book-signing at SOFIC 2016, the premier gathering of special operations forces and their support staff and tech, at the Tampa convention center. Special thanks to the National Defense Industries Association, and SOFX.com.SOFIC
                          book-signing in Tampa, FL

Feb. 25, 7 PM: Meet Ken in Hagerstown, MD, where he will moderate the Republican Congressional candidate debate for CD-6, sponsored by the Washington County Republican Club.

Feb. 22, 2016: Private dinner in Phoenix with radio talk show host Lisa Benson, sponsored by supporters of the Queen Ester Project.

Feb. 21, 2016, book event with Kris "Tanto" Paranto, co-author of 13 Hours, to talk about Benghazi, sponsored by the Moral Action Ministry, Phoenix, Arizona. Click here to download the poster.

Jan. 26, 2016,
speech and booksigning at the Redlands, CA American Legion hall. Sponsored by Redlands Tea Party Patriots Townhall

Jan. 25, 2016,
book event sponsored by the West LA Author's Club, at the Westwood Branch of the LA Public Library. Watch the video.

Jan. 21, 2016
: Ken addresses the Westwood Rotary Club luncheon on ISIS, Islamic terrorism, the Iran nuclear deal, and the extraodinary turn-around of our Middle East policies and alliances over the past 7 years.

Jan. 9, 2016: Ken speaks at the Maryland Citizen's Action Network annual conference, Annapolis.

March 12, 2015:
"Private email exposes Hillary's off the books intel op." WND writer Jerri Corsi picks up on my take on the Sid Blumenthal-Tyler Drumheller disinformation connection, and expands.

Dec. 10, 2014:
Benghazi Select Committee hearing: "Why Were We There" has some of my tweets during the Trey Gowdy hearing.

Nov. 30, 2014: Analysis and link to Lisa Benson show with Jerry Gordon and former U.S Army Ranger Kris Paronto, with our take on the just-released HPSCI ("whitewash") report on Benghazi.

Nov. 18, 2014:
Ken talks about Dark Forces with Jamie Glazov at the Breakers in West Palm Beach, Florida, at the David Horowitz Freedom Center's Restoration Weekend. (Video)

Oct. 1, 2014:
Did former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell lie about Benghazi? Analysis and  transcript of radio interview with Mike Bates and Jerry Gordon
on the lies of former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell, and the U.S.-sanctioned arms smuggling operation being run out of Benghazi.

 Sept. 24, 2014, 10:30 AM: Potomac Republican Women’s Club, Potomac, MD. http://mcfrw.org/Po/

Sept. 11, 2014, 7 pm: North County Republican club, Pasadena, MD. http://northcountygop.org/ 

Sept. 6, 2014, 6 pm: Book signing at Barnes & Noble, Bowie Town Center, 15455 Emerald Way, Bowie Maryland 20716

Aug. 30, 2014: C-Span broadcasts my presentation from the Horiwitz Center on BOOK-TV

 Aug. 28, 2014 at 6 pm: Easton Holiday Inn. I will join a “conversation” about the impact of the Obama administration’s approach to the Middle East, from Benghazi to Kabul. Point of contact: Trudy Hamilton. t.hamilton@goeaston.net

 Aug. 21, 2014: Ken presents on Benghazi and the Obama administration's Middle East policy at the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles. Watch the video.

July 23, 2014:
Video claims Valerie Jarrett played role in effort to kidnap Amb. Chris Stevens, Washington Examiner

July 22, 2014: Watch: Groundbreaking Claims Link This Senior White House Advisor To Benghazi Scandal, from Western Journalism Center.

July 19, 2014:
Veteran Journalist on the Truth about what happened in Benghazi, from Townhall.com

July 10, 2014:
Released House Testimony confirms author Ken Timmerman's Dark Forces allegations about the Benghazi Attack, from The Iconoclast.

July 9, 2014:
- Iran-Contra II? The one discovery that shocked Benghazi expert Ken. From The Blaze books
- See this related thread at FreeRepublic.com
Goverment is not God PAC candidate pens new Benghazi book, from GINGpac

July 7, 2014: "Iranian Mayhem in Benghazi," from Breitbart.com. "No more sensible explanation of Iranian intelligence policy has ever been given," the author states.

July 7, 2014:
- New Benghazi book: Hillary Clinton ordered an across-the-board stand-down of key rescue units, from The Blaze
- AUDIO: Listen to Ken's interview with Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio.

July 1, 2014: VIDEO: Remember How Seal Team 6 Was Shot Down? Now We Could Finally Know Why Obama Is Covering It Up. From the Western Journalism Center

June 30, 2014: Death in Benghazi, Part I: The Attack. Interview with Mike Bates and Jerry Gordon on WEBY AM 1330, "Your Turn with Mike Bates."

June 26, 2014:
- Ken Timmerman: WH Hiding True Cause of Amb. Stevens' Death (Newsmax TV)
  -Interview with Roger Galloway, KNTR, in Arizona. (Listen to audio file)
Was Benghazi State Sponsored Terrorism? An Interview with Kenneth R. Timmerman (New English Review)

June 25, 2014: REVEALED: If This Is True, Benghazi Is Even Worse Than We Ever Thought (Western Journalism Center)

June 24, 2014: New Benghazi book changes debate, offers explosive new information (Communities Digital News)

New Benghazi Revelation Indicates Iran Behind Attack, by Ryan Mauro at the Clarion Project.


June 23, 2014:
- Was Benghazi an Act of State Sponsored Terrorism by Iran? (Iconoclast blogpost)
- Benghazi massacre an Iranian operation? From Public Secrets blog.

June 11, 2014: Taliban's new high tech missiles linked to Hillary Clinton (Western Journalism Center)

April 24, 2014: Ken leads questioning at the Citizens' Commission on Benghazi. (Accuracy in Media video)

Read what others are saying about Dark Forces...

"In order to understand the dynamics of the Arab Spring as well as the Obama Administration’s policies leading to our involvement in the Libyan revolution, Ken Timmerman provides a well-researched history of significant events that resulted in the Benghazi tragedy.  As a result of his many sources, he is able to present clear insight on the illicit arms transfer to Syrian rebels.  Further, according to his key informant, new intelligence is provided on who was behind the attack on the Benghazi Special Mission Compound, as well as why the massive cover-up by the Obama Administration."
—James A. Lyons, Jr., Admiral, USN (ret), President and CEO LION Associates, LLC, member of the Citizens Committee on Benghazi

 "Benghazi will go down as the greatest government cover-up in history - bigger than the Pentagon Papers, Iran-Contra, and Watergate. Ken Timmerman's investigation exposes the dark underbelly of this scandal, as well as the disastrous state of our national security after years of President Obama downsizing and degrading our capabilities."
- Senator Jim Inhofe (R, OK), ranking member, Senate Armed Services Committee
"This book is an excellent read. In fascinating detail, it explores avenues and answers questions that have not previously been pursued. Now the question is: will the Obama administration and Congress finally provide answers through a select committete on Benghazi?
- Lieutenant Colonel Dennis B. Haney, USAF (Ret)., Special Operations Speaks.
Read the 5-page interview Rush Limbaugh did with me on Shadow Warriors here.