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"I have spent my life tracking down the murderers of yesterday. Mr. Timmerman is tracking down the murderers of tomorrow."
-- Simon Wiesenthal

Information on my work with Iranian defectors and on the latest protests in Iran can be found at  www.iran.org

My reporting on Iran's ties to the 9/11 attacks:

May 19, 2011: Lawsuit: Iran Knew About 9/11 Attack. Detailed information about Iran's material involvement in the planning and execuction of the 9/11 attacks finally surfaces in a U.S. courtroom.

Sept. 10, 2008: Iran’s Role in 9/11 Attack. Probably the best short summary of the case against Iran before the release of the Havlish evidence in May 2011.

April 13, 2009: More on Iran and 9/11, and Bin Laden's falconry forays in Iran, on the MIchael Savage show. Ken tells the extraodinary story of Alan Parrot, renowned falconer and conservationist, who met a Bin Laden confidant in Central Asia. Here is the written version, as it appeared in Newsmax a few days earlier. And here is a more recent version, from April 2010

Jan. 19, 2009: The U.S. Treasury revealed that Saad Bin Laden  and other top al Qaeda leaders were being sheltered in Iran, thanks to the IRGC's Quds Force.

Nov. 28, 2008: Michael Savage interviews Ken on revelations from Countdown to Crisis about what the 9/11 Commission found about Iran and what Ken learned from Iranian defectors.

June 23, 2006:  Khobar Towers Shame, Ten Years After. The U.S. intelligence community was well aware of Iran's tie-in with al Qaeda and their plans to attack U.S. military facilities in Saudi Arabia before the Khobar Towers attack, but never passed on that info to the commander in the field..

Feb. 17, 2004: Defector Points Finger at Iran in September 11 Plot.

June 11, 2003: Defector Alleges Iranian Involvement in 9/11 Attacks  This is where it all started...

  • Feb 6, 2010: Exclusive new photos of Imad Mugniyeh. Download PDF.
  • Oct. 1, 2009: Watch Ken discuss the US-Iran talks with Larry Kudlow on CNBC.
  • May 20, 2009: Obama in Wonderland. The real record of US-Iran talks under George W. Bush - Washington Times.
  • March 16, 2009: Reporting from Beirut: Hezbollah, Iran plan to buy Lebanon election. 
  • See also my commentary piece from the Washington Times, with new revelations in the Hariri murder investigation.
  • Oct. 26, 2008: Martyrs in Iraq.
    Assyrian Christians are fleeing Iraq in record numbers. Here are a few things President Bush can do to keep them rooted in their historic homeland.


Ken's take on the Iran NIE:

Oct. 17, 2007: Kurdish rebels: 'We're not terrorists' (Photos)
Oct. 16, 2007: Kurdish Rebels Strike Iran (Photos)

The Pro-Iran Lobby:
  • Feb. 23. 2007: The Mullah's Voice, the unofficial Iranian lobby in Washington. This is the story that first focused attention on NIAC.
  • For more, see Hassan Daioleslam's detailed expose, Iran's Oil Mafia.

  • LIVE FROM NORTHERN ISRAEL 2006. Follow Ken's front-line dispatches on Iran's proxy war against Israel at Newsmax.com. Get quick links to the stories here, including the June 20006 series from Israel on Iran's nuclear program.


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Feb. 3, 2006: IAEA says Iran is working on "nuclear weapons"

Jan. 24, 2006: Assassination attempt against Ahmadinejad

Dec. 1, 2005: "Meet the Defenders." If Iran and al-Qaeda will have a hard time today sneaking a nuclear device through U.S. container, we can thank the Bush administration. Cover story from the December 2005 issue of Newsmax Magazine.

Nov. 15, 2005: IAEA Secretary General Mohammad ElBaradei argues that the free world should give Iran "one last chance," Ken reports from Vienna.

Nov. 1, 2005: "Russia secretly builds huge undergound complex," from the Nov. 2005 Newsmax magazine.

September 13, 2005: Iraqi Foreign minister has "no doubt" Saddam had WMDs, from Newsmax.com

Oct. 23, 2003: Mahathir and Chirac, from Newsmax.com. Read also about the controversy surrounding General Boykin.

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Washington Times 

New York Post

Feb. 19. 2007: NYPost: Iran's Iraq Meddling: Hang Tight against Weasels.
May 31, 2005: The French say Non!.to the EU Constitution.

June 5, 2004: "Liberation Forgotten." why President Bush needs to remain on guard when he travels to France for the 60-anniversary commemoration of D-Day, from today's New York Post.

March 16, 2004: "Chirac's War for Oil," from today's New York Post..

Jan. 14, 2004: "Jesse's Hijinks," from today's New York Post.

Dec. 13, 2003: "Anti-Semitism: Europe's Cover-Up," Ken's story on a suppressed European Union report in the NY Post.

July 10, 2003: The War that Jesse Built. Jesse Jackson's ties to Liberian strongman Charles Taylor in today's New York Post. Last night, Ken exposed Taylor's diamonds-for-influence peddling on the O'Reilly Factor.


Newsmax Magazine

Newsmax magazine is available to subscribers only. Select back issues are available here. Subscription information is here.


Reader's Digest

"Missile Threat from Iran," January 1998 issue. The secret story of how Russia helped Iran build a 1300 kilometer-range missile capable of reaching Israel and U.S. troops throughout the region, while the Clinton administration sat back and watched.

Insight Magazine

May 21, 2004: Raid on Chalabi home, office, sends 'wrong message," from Insight online.

May 11, 2004: CIA and State Continue to Smear Chalabi, from Insight online;

April 25, 2004: Saddam's WMD have been found, from this week's Insight Magazine. See also the companion story, Iraqi Weapons in Syria

April 13, 2004: Ashcroft takes off the gloves at the 9/11 hearing

April 12, 2004: "Documents Prove UN Corruption," in this week's Insight magazine. Revelations are brewing in the UN stew

April 7, 2004: "Who is Moqtada Sadr?" Ken's revelations of the Iraqi Shiite leader's ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

March 19, 2004:: "Pipes objects to fox in the henhouse," A new face on the old American Muslim Council does not fool Middle East analyst Daniel Pipes.

March 15, 2004: "Breakthrough with Qaddafi." Cover story from Insight Magazine about Ken's meeting with Qaddafi in Libya. See also, "How George W. Bush Got Qaddafi's attention," for an account of why Qaddafi changed his tune. More reporting from Ken's trip, as it appeared in the Washington Times, will be posted soon.

March 2, 2004: "Saffuri's Ties to Terror Suspects," an in-depth investigation in the ties of prominent Palestinian activitist Khaled Saffuri to terror suspects, and his efforts to influence the White House, from Insight magazine.

March 1, 2004: Worried about John Kerry? Read "Kerry will abandon war on terror," in this week's Insight magazine, and the companion investigation on Kerry's Iranian-American fund-raisers.

Feb. 4, 2004: "Proof That Tehran Backed Terrorism," from Insight Magazine. See also the companion story, "Defector Points Finger at Iran in September 11 Plot."

Jan. 23, 2004: "Will George Soros Panic the Market?" Insight Magazine.

Dec. 22, 2003: "Invitation to September 11," Insight magazine cover story with startling new intelligence information on the Oct. 1983 Marine barracks bombing

Nov 24, 2003: "Democrats Target Pentagon Planning," from this week's Insight magazine.

Nov. 14, 2003: The State Department takes off the gloves on Iran, Ken reports from the Lawrence Livermore National nuclear laboratory.

Nov. 3, 2003: David Kay blasts the Washington Post's skewed coverage of Iraq, Ken reports.

Oct. 27, 2003: Read an excerpt from Preachers of Hate from Insight magazine.

Aug 1, 2003: "A Slap in the Face." Why in the world did W meet with Jesse Jackson, black conservatives wonder

July 24, 2003: Jesse Jackson, Liberia, and Blood Diamonds, from this week's Insight magazine.

July 9, 2003: Student heroes take on Mullahs. Unrest in Iran is reaching revolutionary proportions, but as of yet, no one knows when the pot will boil over.

June 30, 2003: The Truth About Mahmoud Abbas. Man of peace, or terrorist and anti-Semite?

June 20, 2003: Iran Back-channel backfires. A just-retired NSC staffer holds out-of-school talks with a top Iranian official in Athens.

June 13, 2003: Why don't you let us fight? Iraqi political leader Ahmad Chalabi asks the U.S. during a visit to Washington.

June 11, 2003: Hard new information on Iran's involvement in the July 1994 AMIA bombing and other terrorist attacks has prompted the Bush administration to reconsider its Iran policy, Ken reports in Insight magazine.

May 27, 2003: "Sending a Serious Message to Syria." . (local link)

May 22, 2003: Top State Department Arabist who slammed President Bush, helped a Jordanian on the State Department's terrorist watch list get a permanent U.S. visa - from today's Insight Daily.

May 5, 2003: So where are Saddam's weapons? The President's critics say there aren't any. Don't be so sure, as Ken reports this week in "The Hunt is On for Saddam's Weapons." (Local copy).

April 28, 2003: The outlawed Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) have been bombed by coalition forces and now told to disarm, Ken reports in today's Insight daily.

April 17: Just in case you'd missed it, the French state-run media declared the U.S. "defeat" after just one week of fighting. See "The French Spin a Different War Story" in this week's Insight.

March 17, 2003: the Pentagon has prepared for possible chemical or biological attack, "U.S. forces face the Bio-Chem test." (Local copy)

March 3, 2003: What's wrong with France? Insight magazine cover story on America's once and future ally (local copy). From Insight daily, a follow-up to the Sami-Al Arian/ Grover Norquist saga raises serious questions about who admitted a suspected terrorist into the Bush White House.

Feb. 21, 2003: Controversial Professor Arrested in Florida on Terrorism Charges. Ties to top Republican activist exposed, from Insight magazine.

Feb. 18, 2003: A top Bush administration official warns the Iraqi military: Don't use WMD. See "Justice looms for Saddam, cronies" in next week's Insight magazine. (Local copy).Also today, Official Anti-Semitism in Egypt, from Insight Daily. President Mubarak, MEMRI, and an anti-Semitic TV series.

Feb. 4, 2003: Al Qaeda operatives still active in Iraq, Ken reports in Insight Daily.

Feb. 3, 2003: Ever wonder what's behind the opposition of France and Germany to the U.S. on Iraq? It's all about the euros, as Ken reveals in this week's Insight magazine. In a separate story, Ken examines why the State Department continues to undermine U.S. policy on Iraq by holding up money earmarked for the Iraqi opposition.. (Local copy)

Jan. 24, 2003: 'Gray Lady' runs ad for terrorists. Why is the New York Times taking money from a front for the MEK, a group on the State Department's list of international terrorist organizations?

Jan. 23, 2003: For Jesse, It's Still all about the money. Jesse and the suits - on Wall Street, and in the courtrooms as barbers and ad agencies mount legal challenges. From Insight magazine.

Jan. 8, 2003: France Uncovers Al-Qaeda bombers. French officials believe they were planning a a deadly chemical weapons attack.. (Local copy)

Dec. 17, 2002: Prime Time Hate from Arafat TV. Now Arafat is using music videos to snare children to kill Jews. And the European Union continues to finance these crimes. (Local copy)

Nov. 14, 2002: Saddam Prepares to use poison gas, large attempted purchases of Atropine show. From Insight daily. (Local copy).

Nov. 13, 2002: Proof that Saddam Bankrolls Terrorism, from this week's Insight magazine.Also today, Egypt's Grand Mufti in full. from this week's Insight magazine.. (Local copy)

Sept. 30, 2002: How Saddam Got Weapons of Mass Destruction. Based on defector reports and new intelligence, Ken explains why it has become a matter of life or death for America and her allies to help the Iraqi people rid themselves of a brutal dictator. (Local copy).

Sept. 26, 2002: Ken goes to the bullfights in Southern France for Insight, where a massacre becomes a moment of grace. (Local copy). Note: this is my favorite story of the summer!

Sept. 20, 2002: Torricelli's Terrorist-List Friends, from Insight magazine.. (Local copy).

Sept. 12, 2002: While Americans bowed their heads to remember the victims of September 11, Islamic radicals gathered at a London mosque to praise their murderers. Ken travelled to London just to record their words for Insight magazine.

Sept. 5, 2002: Swedish police charge a Muslim man caught carrying a handgun onto an airplane with attempted hijacking. Read more in Ken's article from the Insight webpage. (Local copy).

Aug. 26, 2002: "It is Time to Go To War Against Saddam," from the Sept. 16 issue of Insight magazine (Local copy).

Aug. 5, 2002: French Prime Minister speaks hard truths to his fellow Frenchmen about France's collaboration with Nazi Germany, but French anti-Semitism runs deep. From the Aug. 26 issue of Insight magazine. (Local copy)

July 19, 2002: Austria still struggling with the Holocuast, reports from Vienna.From the July 21 issue of Insight magazine (local copy).

June 24, 2002: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumself dispatches top aide Peter Rodman to Beijing to explore a resumption of military-to-military ties based on reciprocity, as U.S. experts carefully monitor Communist China's military modernization. From this week's Insight magazine (local copy).

May 28, 2002: Convicted terrorist Ramzi Yousef was planning to crash an airliner into CIA headquarters in 1995 as part of Project Bojinka. Does that "prove" the U.S. had advance warning of September 11? Read Ken's report on the Blue Marlin file in this week's Insight magazine. (Local copy).

May 23, 2002. "Eiffel Tower terror and fantasy," oped in today's Washington Times

May 17, 2002: Sneak preview from next week's Insight magazine on captured documents that detail Saudi Arabia's ties to Palestinian suicide bombers. Other documents provide startling new evidence of the role Muslim charities in America have played in financing terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. Some of those charities are now seeking to use ties to a top Republican strategist to get their assets released by the U.S. Department of Treasury. (Local copy).

May 6, 2002: Jackson's latest tax returns provide stunning new details of multi-million dollar deals he cut with Verizon and Freddie Mac. See this week's Insight magazine (Local copy).

April 22, 2002 - Jesse Jackson takes his shakedown to Silicon Valley, from this week's Insight magazine.(Local copy)

April 19, 2002 - Iraq Was Involved in Oklahoma City:On the 7th anniversary of the Oklahoma city bombing, Secret audio and video testimony from Philippines directly ties Iraq and its agents to Oklahoma City bombers. "Deathbed" confession plus prison testimony fuels worries of U.S. government coverup. (Local copy)

April 15, 2002: Pro-Israel supporters critical of Bush, from Insight magazine.

April 8, 2002: French terror judge is secret ally, from Insight magazine.

March 25, 2002: Causus belli? New information is beginning to emerge of an Iraqi connection to the Oklahoma City bombing, from this week's Insight magazine.

March 15, 2002: The Truth about Iran. Top White House aide reads the riot act to pro-Iran lobbyists, from Insight magazine.

March 4, 2002: Biden Buddies up to Pro-Iran lobby, from Insight magazine.

Feb. 25, 2002: "Preaching a Gospel Of Self-Reliance."The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a Los Angeles pastor, is challenging blacks to revise their views on the traditional civil-rights movement, from Insight magazine. Local version.

Feb. 11, 2002: "Straight from Qatar, It's Jihad Television." For a local version with additional links, click here.

Jan. 29, 2002: Rogues Lending Hand to Saddam. (local version).

Jan. 21, 2002: Jackson Continues Wall Street Waltz. (Local version).

Jan. 14, 2002: An Israeli military intelligence team told top Bush-administration officials last week that they have "incontrovertible evidence" of top Iranian government involvement in the arms shipment to Arafat. Ken's story from Insight on-line.

Dec. 10, 2001: Godfather of terror. Imad Mugniyeh has been murdering Americans for decades. (local version

Nov. 23, 2001: Canadian Border Open to Terrorists. (local version).

Nov. 12, 2001: Iran Cosponsors Al-Qaeda Terrorism. (local version).

Oct. 26, 2001: Severing Liberia's Sinews of War,. (Click here for a local copy)

Oct 12, 2001: Reno Redux in Florida..(Click here for a local link).

Sept. 24, 2001: "Tale of Two Preachers."

Sept. 13, 2001: Iranian seeks protection," Insight on-line..

Aug.13, 2001:. "Farming While Black,"

July 30, 2001: "Clinton holdovers destroy secret documents at Pentagon security agency."

-July 23, 2001: "China and Russia Align Against U.S."

July 2, 2001: Russia's Air Show blues,

June 25, 2001: Will Bush Stop the Sudan Genocide?

June 20, 2001: "Taiwan tests Patriot anti-missile system."

June 14, 2001: Should the United States renew the Iran Libya Sanctions Act?

June 4, 2001: "Arafat Murdered U.S. Diplomats."  In May 2006, the State Department released a 2-page cover memo from a longer report on the Khartoum embassy hostage-taking, stating that the operation was carried out "with the full knowledge and approval of Yasir Arafat." This is the first time that the U.S. government has ever publicly acknowledged that it was aware of Arafat's involvement in the murder of two American diplomats from the very beginning.

May 21, 2001: Charting America's Energy Plan.

May 14, 2001: Secrets of the Strategic Review.

May 4, 2001: U.S. Threatened with EMP Attack.. (Click here for a local copy]

April 9, 2001: "Missile Defense Deployed in Russia,"

March 26, 2001: Hackers attack Sandia computers (Click here for a local link)

Feb. 26, 2001: "State's Saddamists."(local link)

Feb. 19, 2001: "Bill's Holdovers Grab DoD Agency"

Feb. 5, 2001: "Clinton Mischief."

Dec. 20, 1999: U.S. Corporations Turn China into Threat, Insight Magazine investigation of China's latest ICBM, made in the USA.


The China Series

from The American Spectator magazine

Note: Many of the off-site links to the old American Spectator website have gone inactive. Readers interested in those stories can purchase Selling Out America: The American Spectator investigations from amazon.com

Shoot the Messengers, December 1999/January 2000. When the Clinton administration finds embarassing intellingence on China's military modernization, it knows what to do...

Partners in Crime, August 1999. New evidence shows the link that Republicans and Democrats have long ignored between reckless transfers of defense technology to Communist China and campaign donations to Clinton-Gore.

Red Star Over Washington, May 1999. The theft of America's most advanced nuclear warhead design by Chinese spies operating within our nuclear weapons labs is only the tip of the iceburg. China is now using some 10,000 "illegals" to collect intelligence in the United States, and according to a confidential Pentagon assessment, has been able to build an entire encrypted military communications network, thanks to assistance from the Clinton Pentagon.

Off-site materials:

Red China Crashes on Wall Street, The American Spectator, June 2000

Shoot the Messengers, The American Spectator, December 1999.

Bill Perry's Asian Portfolio, American Spectator, November 1999.

Florida Splendid China, March 1999. When you're at Disney, stop by at this propaganda theme park, owned and controlled by the State Council of the People's Republic of China .

The DNC's Chinese Money Laundry, November 1998. John Huang was a Chinese government spy collecting U.S. intelligence secrets, according to two former Congressional aides deeply involved in the campaign finance investigations.

"California Takeout," October 1998. Inside the U.S.-based procurement and espionage network of China's largest state-owned aerospace company, CATIC.

"Long Beach Missile Transfers," September 1998. With the complicity of the Clinton-Gore administration, the Boeing corporation is bring...

"Loral Exams," July 1998. An exposé of how the Commerce Department and NSC staffers helped Loral, Hughes and Motorola get satellite exports to China approved, and the impact on U.S. national security of those exports.

"China's 22nd Province," October 1997. An investigation into PLA companies operating in California, F-14 part smuggling rings aimed at exporting military equipment to Iran, and the CATIC corporate network.

"Where has all the money gone," August 1997. An analysis of campaign contributions the DNC from Chinese entities and operatives.

"While America Sleeps," June 1997. The first comprehensive look at the "China plan" to infiltrate the political, military, and security apparatus of the United States, as well as Chinese efforts to penetrate the U.S. economy.

"All Roads Lead to China," March 1997, an investigation into John Huang and Lippo ties to the People's Liberation Army, and Ira Magaziner's secret plan to release U.S. nuclear technology for sale to China.

"Peking Pentagon. Bill Perry: Too Tight with the Enemy?" April 1996, an investigation into the ties between the U.S. defense secretary and a PLA high-tech procurement front, Hua Mei, seeking encryption technology from the U.S.

"China Shops," March 1995. Initially conducted for Time Magazine, this investigation into U.S. high-tech sales to China (McDonnell Douglas, Garrett engine, Yuchai America) was so hot that the Clinton administration intervened with Time editors to kill the story and fire the reporter.

Other stories from the American Spectator:


Other articles


Wall Street Journal


Congressional Testimony


Scholary Articles & Monographs

  • Nov 10, 2005: "Why the IAEA Board of Governors Must Refer Iran to the UN Security Council," [Word doc] presentation at Amerikahaus in Vienna, Austria, at a forum sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.
  • "Staying the Course" in Iraq. Support our friends, and make sure our enemies and former allies don't come round to muck up the works. From the July-Aug.2003 issue of the Hoover Digest.
  • "Iran's "Reformers" are no "Moderates," Brown Journal of World Affairs, Number .9.2 Winter / Spring 2003. Ken's analysis of the Iranian regime and policy prescriptions for the Bush administration. (172 KB PDF file).
  • Fighting Proliferation Through Democracy: A Competitive Strategies Approach Toward Iran. From Prevailing in a Well-Armed World: Devising Competitive Strategies Against Weapons Proliferation, Henry Sokolski (editor), U.S. Army War College - Strategic Studies Institute, Carlisle, Pa, March 2000. Versions of this article were presented in seminar format at the U.S. Army War College, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center Faculty Seminar on Teaching Strategic Weapons Proliferation Issues, the Institute of World Politics, the National Committee on Foreign Policy, and the United States Information Agency between 1997 and 1999.
  • Unlimited Offense: Iran's Response to the Missile Threat, paper presented at Military Strategy in the Age of Ballistic Missiles, Washington, DC, Feb. 23, 1999
  • "Export of the Revolution," paper presented at IRAN '98, April 30, 1998, Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, DC.
  • "Support Democracy and Change in Iran" paper presented by Kenneth R.Timmerman at"Iran in Transition," a 2-day seminar organized by the Institute for the Study of Earth and Man at Southern Methodist University and Petro-Hunt Corporation, Dallas, Texas, May 2, 1996 .
  • "Iran's Nuclear Program: Myth and Reality," paper presented before the Sixth International Castiglioncello Conference, Fifty Years After Hiroshima, Castiglioncello, Italy, September 30, 1995, sponsored by the Italian Union of Scientists for Disarmament (USPID)
  • "Opportunities for Change in Iran," A Nonproliferation Policy Forum Paper initially presented before the Honorable John McCain, U.S. Senator (AZ) and the Honorable Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator (CA), May 1, 1995, U.S. Capitol, Room SC-5. Subsequently reprinted in Fighting Proliferation: New Concerns for the Nineties, Henry Sokolski (editor), Air Force University Press, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, Sept. 1996. (For an RTF version with active footnotes, click here).
  • In Their Own Words: Interviews with Leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Muslim Brotherhood, Damascus, Amman, Gaza, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Los Angeles, November 1994;
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: the Cases of Iran, Syria, and Libya,Simon Wiesenthal Center, Los Anbgeles, Aug. 1992;
  • The Poison Gas Connection, (Chemical weapons suppliers to Iraq & Libya) Simon Wiesenthal Center, Los Angeles, Oct., 1990.

Interviews and transcripts

(See also the Media page)

Feb.14, 2008: Frontpage magazine interview with Ken on Imad Mugniyeh's assassination

Aug. 1, 2005: "The Iran We Cannot Neglect," transcript of remarks to the Wednesday Morning Breakfast Group, Los Angeles, CA.

June 24, 2005: FrontPage Magazine interview.

April 20, 2004: Ken with Brit Hume on the FoxNews channel: "We thought the French were with us."

March 22. 2004: "The French Connection," Ken discusses The French Betrayal of America with National Review Online

Nov. 21, 2003: "Hate to Win?" National Review Online interview with journalist Kenneth Timmerman."

Nov. 13, 2003: Ken discusses Preachers of Hate with FrontPage magazine's Jamie Glazov.

Nov. 7, 2003: Ken proposes ultimatum to Saudi rulers, from today's FrontPagemag.com

Oct. 31, 2003: Ken joins a forum on anti-Semitism with Robert Spencer, Walid Phares, and Bat Ye'or.

July 29, 2003: Read the transcript of Ken's visit to MSNBC's Scarborough country, where he discusses Jesse Jackson and NASCAR, and Jackson's responsibility for the West African crisis.

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