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"We have known Kenneth Timmerman over the years as an courageous advocate of the truth. Whether he was exposing the export of sensitive military technology to Communist China in the teeth of administration opposition, or tracking Islamic terrorist Osama Bin Laden around the world for Reader's Digest, Kenneth Timmerman has demonstrated the courage and good judgment that one expects to find in a United States Senator."

- Letter of endorsement from former Reagan administration national security officials (view the full text and list of signatories here)

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Kindle Version of Selling Out America: The American Spectator Investigations.
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Many of the facts Ken first reported were later confirmed to me and my colleagues in classified briefings by the Clinton administration during the year-long work of the Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China."

- U.S. Representative Christopher Cox,
Chairman, Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China,

Read the Preface by Rep. Christopher Cox (R-Ca)

The whole story of Bill Clinton's corrupt relationship to Communist China
from the early attempts to sell a B-1 bomber plant in 1993, to China's most  efforts in the late 1990s to penetrate the U.S. capital markets, from the reporter who broke these stories and ultimately ran for the United States Senate to bring greater awareness to the dangers facing America.

Today, America faces military threats that simply didn't exist before the Clinton sell-off of U.S. military and strategic technology began. China has a new generation of intercontinental ballistic missiles, equipped with miniaturized nuclear warheads built with U.S. assistance, thanks to transfers that occurred during the Clinton-Gore administration. These missiles are now pointed at American homes.

From the Author's Introduction:

I have spent much of the past six years investigating the Clinton administration's sell-off of our military technology to Communist China, primarily for the American Spectator. During this time, I learned more about corruption than I ever would have believed possible. For the first time in American history we had a President of the United States who took money from the head of a foreign intelligence service. In any other era, such behavior would have been called Treason. During the Clinton presidency, it was dismissed as just a "mistake."

But the corruption was not limited to the White House, or even to a single political party: it spread throughout the upper echelons of American society, reaching Members of Congress, intelligence community analysts, top business leaders, and the media....

Now available as a Kindle e-book for just $2.99

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"I have followed for some time your excellent reporting on the Mid-East, especially Iran. You consistently provide insights and facts nowhere else available to the public. Your professionalism and persistence make a great contribution to our understanding, to the public debate, andultimately to our national security."
R. James Woolsey, former director, Central Intelligence Agency

"Kenneth Timmerman has been tireless in unearthing the facts about the diversion of technology from legitimate commercial purposes to the dangerous military programs of states and organizations hostile to the United States and its allies. For this effort, reflected in a prolific output of articles, testimony, memoranda, and the like, he deserves the gratitude of all of us."

- Richard Perle, Assistant Secretary of Defense (1981-1987)

Read Gary Anderson's review of Selling Out America in the Washington Times (10/31/2000, pA22)


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