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"Ken Timmerman's superbly researched Dark Forces is a brilliant expose of what actually happened in Benghazi before, during, and after the fateful night of September 11, 2012. Packed with new and previously undisclosed information it asks all the right questions and provides answers to some that have yet to be asked. If you want to know what the Obama Administration does not want you to know about Benghazi, then Dark Forces is a must read."

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 – R. James Woolsey, former director, Central Intelligence Agency

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Dec. 24, 2020: Why Democrats should read the Navarro report. I argue that as Americans we now live in parallel universes, each with its own set of facts. From The American Thinker.

Dec. 23, 2020: Just the facts, ma'am. As I remind Bob Sellers on Newsmax TV, critics who say the Trump team has presented no hard evidence of fraud fail to acknowledge that NO court of law has allowed an evidentiary hearing.

Dec. 14, 2020: Michigan audit of Dominion Voting Machines could be a game changer, as electoral college casts votes. My interview with Bob Sellers on Newsmax TV.

Dec. 11, 2020: RINO alert! I discuss what happens if the Texas AG suit succeeds with Bob Sellers on Newsmax TV. WATCH IT UNCENSORED ON RUMBLE.

Dec. 10, 2020: Was there a Mastermind of the 2020 election heist? I discuss on Newsmax TV. (YouTube has removed this video because I talked about evidence of voting irregularities in Michigan, Georgia and elsewhere.) "Logic tells you there is a mastermind... Because we live in the real world, we don't know his name. In my book, he's got a name and a face." WATCH IT UNCENSORED ON RUMBLE.

Dec. 5, 2020: "Amelia Island’s Nostradamus," a review of The Election Heist by Fernandina Beach local commentator, Dave Scott.

Dec. 4, 2020: Behind the Curtain of Election Fraud, and why we should all go back and watch the end of the Wizard of Oz... From the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC).

AG Barr: Do your job? And tell us, Where is Eric Coomer? My appearance tonight with Greg Kelly on NewsmaxTV

Dec. 3, 2020: AG Barr Ignoring Election Fraud Evidence, from

- Attorney General Barr: Do Your Job,
from The Epoch Times

Dec. 1: Ken discusses new information on Dominion Voting Systems "back door" with Bob Sellers and Heather Childers on NewsmaxTV.

Nov. 30, 2020: Author Shares Why His Election-Based Political Thriller Is All Too Real":
Steven Strang, author of God, Trump, and the 2020 Election, interviews Ken on CharismaNews.

Nov. 26, 2020: Revenge of the Swamp Creatures -
my take on Biden's potential national security team. From The Epoch Times.

Nov. 24, 2020: Biden promises to reinstate Iran Nuclear Deal. My appearance on the Grant Stinchfield show on Newsmax TV.

Nov. 23, 2020: Can "The Election Heist" really happen here? Ken discusses with Newsmax TV's John Bachman how Dominion Voting Systems is now admitting to uploading patches to tabulation software just days before the election!

Nov. 20, 2020: Democrats
using every trick in the book to steal the election. My latest column at

Nov. 19, 2020: Ken to Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Radio: "Democrats have cheating in their DNA."

Nov. 17, 2020: Ken discusses Dominion and Smartmatic with Bob Sellers and Heather Childers on Newsmax TV, and notes that ballot marking devices could produce fake paper ballots.

Nov. 10, 2020: More detail on how the Democrats hacked the election systems in Michigan and Georgia from

Ken to Grant Stintchfield on Newsmax TV: Book predicted this 'Secret Switch.'

- In the video below, Ken explains Dominion Voting Systems and how electronic voting machines can be hacked:

- Ken is back on air with Bob Sellers on Newsmax TV to go into more depth into how the Democrats stole the 2020 election by hacking electronic voting systems:

Nov. 9, 2020: "The only remedy is manual recounts," Ken tells Bob
Sellers on Newsmax TV.

Let the Recounts Begin! Read more about how the Democrats hacked the election systems at and the Association of Mature American Citizens (the conservative alternative to AARP).

Nov. 8, 2020:
Ken explains how the Democrats hacked the election systems in Michigan and Georgia with John Bachman on Newsmax TV.

Oct. 26, 2020: Just how stupid do Democrats think their voters are? From Politichicks.

Oct. 16, 2020:
Columnist Steve Niklas reviews The Election Heist in the Fernandina Beach, Fl, News Leader. PDF here.

Oct. 9, 2020: Planning the Perfect Election Storm.
My latest on Democrat actions to steal an election right before our eyes. From The Epoch Times.

Oct. 8, 2020: The FBI and DoJ pull off the wraps of an Iranian regime Internet influence operation.
From The Iconoclast.

Oct. 7, 2020: Mark Tapson interviews Ken on The Election Heist for Frontpage magazine. "Fiction precedes reality...."

Oct. 2, 2020: Ken discusses President Trump's diagnosis with Covid and the repercussions for the campaign, on Channel One TV in Los Angeles with Roxanne Ganji (English and Persian).

Oct. 1, 2020: Ken
discusses Turkey's aggression in Naghorno-Karrabagh and The Election Heist on Frank Gaffney's new TV show with America's Voice.

Sept. 25, 2020: Ken discusses The Election Heist
and the Democrats' game plan for the 2020 elections with Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio.

Sept. 11, 2020: On 9/11 Anniversary, Focus on Iran.
I recall Iran's direct involvement in both the 9/11 plot and in the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi, in The Epoch Times.

Sept. 10, 2020: The Democrat Election Plan: Chaos,
from Frontpage mag.

Sept 9, 2020: The brilliant Dr. Jerome Corsi and I discuss The Election Heist, election fraud, and the Democrats' game plan for 2020 on his Corsination podcast. (I come on air at 15'30".)

Dr Corsi NEWS 08-09-20: Is a Military Coup Next? from Jerome Corsi on Vimeo.

Sept 5, 2020: AMAC, conservative alternative to AARP, reviews The Election Heist.

Aug. 23, 2020: Why won't the US government admit that Iran funded the Benghazi attacks?
I finally received authorization to release financial documents showing Iranian bank transfers to Benghazi that helped fund the Ansar al-Sharia militia. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliff: Release the USIC Iran-Benghazi file! From the NY Post.

Aug. 21, 2020: NPR Hatemongers and the Antifa Media Elite.
More shameless anti-conservative hate speech from National People's Radio. Defund NPR! At Frontpage mag.

Aug. 20, 2020: The roller-coaster ride of election night;
discussing The Election Heist and the vulnerabilities of our voting systems with John Bachman at NewsmaxTV.

Aug. 18, 2020: The Election Heist with Spicer & Co, NewsmaxTV

August 17, 2020: More on the perils of universal mail-in voting, and Hear the story of how I came to write The Election Heist on American Agenda with Bob Sellers, NewsmaxTV. 

August 14, 2020: Why the Democrats want universal mail-in ballots,
from the Daily Caller.

August 13, 2020:
    - NewsmaxTV "National Report": Will Russia or China interfere in the 2020 election?

    - Ken Timmerman examines the potential of election fraud in the United States, with Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Radio. Text here; audio below.

August 12, 2020: Historic Beirut blast and new fiction, on Beyond the Matrix (audio and text summary)

August 9, 2020: Ken discusses The Election Heist on Erskine Overnight.

August 8, 2020: Ken discusses the Beirut blast and The Election Heist
with William Wolf on Middle East Radio Forum).

August 1, 2020: President Trump is right to suspect voter fraud. New information from my forthcoming book, The Election Heist. At The Epoch Times.

July 31, 2020: I discuss election fraud, mail-in ballots, and my new book with Chris Salcedo on NewsmaxTV.

July 15, 2020: Podcast with Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Radio on election fraud, the "Homeland Cheetahs," and Iran.

June 26, 2020: Antifa - Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near Your. From Politichicks

June 11, 2020: Podcast with Republicans of France
with more on The Election Heist, Antifa, and election security.

June 10, 2020: Antifa - Just Part of the Dems' 2020 playbook. And get a sneak preview of my new political thriller, The Election Heist. From Frontpage mag.

May 27, 2020: House Arrest in France. From absurd to ridiculous. Listen to my interview with Israel News Talk Radio, and then view the pictures from my Facebook page about beach lock down in France.

April 15, 2020: Podcast with Stephen Strang, author of God and Donald Trump, on how France is responding to #coronavirus versus the U.S. Read the synop.sis. Listen to the podcast here.

Feb. 26, 2020: U.S. Senate presentation on how the Trump sanctions have hit the Iranian regime,
with the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET)

Jan. 20, 2020: Watch the trailer from my recent speech in Jacksonsville, Fl, about the Iranian connection to the Benghazi attacks that killed four Americans.

Jan. 13, 2020: Mtavari TV in Tbilisi, Georgia, does a follow-on investigation of Georgian Prime Minister Georgi Gakharia and his suspect ties to the Iranian regime.

Jan. 10, 2020: Listen to my interview with Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio this morning.

Jan. 8, 2020: On Fox & Friends this morning,
I explain how Iran under-estimates the resolve of President Trump.... (Note: in case the bookmark doesn't work, my segment starts at 39:30)

Jan. 6, 2020: The NY Times Embarrasses itself Again - on Iran-9/11 ties.
From FrontPage mag. In my interview with Glenn Beck today, I expanded on Suleymani's terror rap-sheet, and exploded the notion of "massive mourning" for this killer inside Iran. My interview with Michael Savage on Iran and the Suleymani strike begins at 51:26 here.

Jan. 5, 2020: My profile of Qassem Suleymani, from today's New York Post. Pickup here, here, and here.

Jan. 2, 2020: The U.S. takes out Iranian terror-meister. 
And here's why it's unlikely the Iranian regime will strike back. From FrontPage mag. Great pick-up by Jack Posobiec and GateWayPundit of my earlier reporting on Suleymani's involvement in the #BenghaziDeception. And from Roger Simon at The Epoch Times.

Watch again: the Crimes of Qassem Suleymani
and the accompanying oped in The Washington Times


Dec. 19, 2019: I traveled to Tbilisi, Georgia, to investigate the jailing and framing of Iranian dissident Alireza Soleimanepak. What I discovered was astonishing: he was jailed at the specific request of then-Georgian interior minister Georgi Gakhari, who admitted as much during this interview with Mtavari Arkhi television.Follow-on interview with Mtavari TV.

Dec. 16, 2019: A leading investigative newsmagazine, Kronica+, put my
accusation of Georgian PM Giorgi Gakharia on its cover.

Dec. 13, 2019: Mtavari TV in Tbilisi, Georgia, ran a 7 minute investigative segment
based on an interview with me on the Iranian-Georgian government collusion to frame a 9/11 witness. In it, the Georgian Prime Minister admitted to working together with Iran.

Dec. 10, 2019: "Guilty! I Support the Iranian Protestors,"
from FrontPage mag.

Dec. 8, 2019: EXCLUSIVE. Read my story in today's New York Post. "A Hero Betrayed" reveals that
Iran has been collaborating with officials in the Republic of Georgia to frame a brave 9/11 witness. Print version here: Page 1. Page 2

Dec. 6, 2019: Iran bluster, Iran threats.
My column on two things to watch in Iran, from The Epoch Times.

Nov. 27, 2019: Only fostering internal revolt will end Iran's threat to US and Israel,"
my interview with Beyond the Matrix on Israel News Talk Radio. Read a summary here.

Nov. 17, 2019: America First: how Trump has fundamentally changed U.S. foreign policy,
address to Restoration Weekend 2019, Palm Beach, Fl. Video may become available from the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Nov. 12, 2019: Leaked memo from top U.S. diplomat in northern Syria
concludes the U.S. could not have deterred Turkish invasion... Read my blog entry from Politichicks.

Nov. 4, 2019: Trump is Winning in Syria.
My debate with an interventionist, at Frontpage mag

Oct. 26, 2019: Ken is the keynote speaker at the 7th annual Benghazi Tribute in Jacksonville, Fl. He reveals new details about Iran's involvement in the Benghazi attacks. Available on Vimeo from


Oct. 19, 2019: No, Trump did not "sell out" the Kurds.
My lead oped in this Sunday's New York Post.

Oct. 14, 2019:
Ken discusses British nuclear assistance to Iran, and the latest in Iran and Syria on i24News.

Oct. 8, 2019: Here's Why the Syria Pullout Makes Sense,
from FrontPage mag.

Oct. 7, 2019:
"Has the US lost the Middle East?" Ken discusses Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria, and why the Rapture could come sooner than you think. on Beyond the Matrix.

Sept 21, 2019: Why isn't the media covering Erdogan's ties to ISIS? From the New York Post.

Sept. 5, 2019: Ken discusses Arab-Israel negotiations, Iran, on i24News.

Aug. 6, 2019: Ken discusses the prospect of Iran-Russia naval exercises in the Strait of Hormuz on i24News.

Aug. 3, 2019: Why the DNI needs Fred Fleitz. President Trump has an opportunity to take control of the intelligence community. He should seize it now. From

July 26, 2019: The Weissmann Dossier.
Who really wrote the Mueller report? It wasn't Robert Mueller.... From today's FrontPage mag.

May 28, 2019:
Has President Trump "caved" on Iran by offering a deal to the regime? Ken discusses Iran and the European Parliament elections with Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio (2nd interview in the show, starts at 9'00).

May 26, 2019:
Are the U.S. and Iran on the brink of a shooting war? Interview with syndicated Roy Green show.

May 16, 2019: Ken discusses the latest Iranian defector  and the intelligence he may have brought the U.S. on i24News. Watch the video.

May 14, 2019: Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?
Ken discusses the U.S.-Iran standoff with Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon on Israel News Talk Radio's Beyond the Matrix. Listen here. Transcript here.

May 9, 2019: Pompeo is right to warn Iran-- Don't target Americans.
From FoxNews Opinion.

April 10, 2019: Netanyahu expected to remain Israel's prime minister, after getting a boost from Trump.
From FoxNews Opinion.

April 8, 2019:
Ukrainian Prosecutor Reopens Corruption Case Involving Biden.
Uncle Joe has more than a skeleton in his closet: it's a fresh cadaver, and it stinks. From The Epoch Times.

Feb. 11, 2019: America should hit Iran where it hurts after 40 years of undeclared war,
at FoxNews opinion.

Jan. 31, 2019: Listen to my 45-minute interview with Pastor Jimmy DeYoung on StandInTheGap radio on Syria, Iran, Iraq, and the persecution of Christians.

Jan. 23, 2019: For Islamic Iran, It's Hunting Season - again...
Iranian dissidents are being murdered across Europe for the first time since the late 1990s... From The Epoch Times.

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"Kenneth Timmerman has wrought a wildly inventive and highly gripping thriller that encompasses the secret and long-hidden origins of Islam… That makes St. Peter's Bones more than just a great novel, although it is assuredly that as well: it is also an enlightening insig
ht into today's increasingly conflict-ridden relationship between Islam and the Judeo-Christian/post-Christian West."
– Robert Spencer, editor of JihadWatch and author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad.
“Timmerman's  taboo-breaking thriller portrays authentically the politics and passions fueling the deadly persecution of Iraq's ancient Christian community: an unintended but ruinous by-product of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It's a powerful book America's political leadership on both the left and the right would prefer you not to read."
– Dr. John Eibner, CEO, Christian Solidarity International (CSI-USA)